iOpener Enabled


State-of-the-Art Technology

iOpener has developed advanced systems for real-time tracking of vehicles and offers complete solutions for a variety of applications around the Automotive and Motorsport sectors, notably Media, Safety, Entertainment, Training and Simulation.

Next Generation of Media and Gaming
What can create a more optimal experience than taking control of your own participation in an event? iOpener's patented technology enables breath taking 3D immersive experiences.
Fans can follow their preferred sport events live even when they are not on TV and they can replay any sequences from any viewing angle.
Thanks to the integration of real 'objects' into the virtual world gamers have the possibility of playing in real-time against real drivers.

Second screen virtual viewing
iOpener provides end-to-end solutions for event organizers and rights owners, allowing them to offer a unique experience to viewers, and enabling new and exciting sponsorship activation opportunities.
Broadcasters develop audience participation and interactive viewing experience leveraging the second screen application. They extend the value of the event with meaningful studio post-race analysis and visualisation.
Fans can follow their preferred motorsport events directly on their tablets, phones and PCs, thanks to accurate live 3D rendering of the events. iOpener's patented technology also delivers extremely accurate data on everything happening around a race, enabling insightful analysis and statistics.

Race live against the real professionals
Our company's innovative technological breakthroughs enable gamers to join games and compare themselves with the professionals (1-on-1), and compete in real-time directly against professionals (1-to-many) when an actual live event is going on. Gamers will be able to join the excitement and suspense of the real event, and try to beat real professionals and other virtual gamers right from their own homes.

Applications for motorsports
Media and Gaming are not the only applications benefitting from iOpener's innovations. Our technology enables a new level of accuracy and realism in a number of applications in the Motorsports industries, as well as in Automotive and Transportation (e.g. Race/Safety control, Visualization, Driver training and many more).